Crazy 3-Day EDC Experience

Hi all, its Kay Fussell here checking in after a wild week in Las Vegas. I recently went to an EDC party there and it was simply amazing. EDC stands for Electronic Daisy Carnival, it’s one of the largest electronic dance festivals in the world. It was my first time and guess what? I was blown away by their amazing music and everyone was rocking their style and turning up the volume. EDC at Vegas this year was the bomb. The experience was totally beyond imagination.

First up I had to pick up some fantastic, sexy swimwear. I found this cool new site with designer wear called Style. Once the dress was sorted I could then focus on the makeup and everything else. EDC parties really bring out the passion and spirit for music that sometimes gets buried deep inside. The experience is truly second to none. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of friends there too. EDC is like the union of nature and technology. The neon lights set my imagination to lose and everyone really had an amazing time.

We kept moving from the kineticField stage to the lesser known neonGarden just to check out different headliners. The kineticField was massive and I think I read somewhere that it was the largest EDC arena in North America. The effects create a stunning atmosphere. Eye candy is a good way to sum this majestic marriage of sound and art. These EDC parties are an annual event at least here in America. There seem to be a lot more festivals globally. After this experience I will probably look to travel and live a more active lifestyle. The only way they could have possibly made this any wilder and better is by having it on a beach. This party was already dubbed the Ibiza of America and I can see why. A full day of fun and these new clothes were beyond comfortable.


A lot of people mistake this for a music festival. The day actually began with sum amazing rides and roller-coaster all bathed in rich colors. It partly felt like an amusement partly made from candy and chocolate. Even the art around you is made up of LED-infused architecture. I bumped into some amazingly large 3-D statues made entirely from wood and LED lights. I truly pushes what my imagination. There are amazing crews of dancers out and about who are constantly performing. There was never a dull moment in all honesty.

The tech fusion setting was taken to a whole new level with free Wi-fi all over the place. I posted like at least 50 selfies on the go. I used the buddy system like my friends had suggested we wander but always end up meeting up every few ours to stay hydrated and check up on how everyone is doing. Those were probably the best 300+ dollars I had spent my entire life on those 3 day tickets. They were simply stunning.