Five things to know for a stylish tour

Being stylish is actually a good feeling especially for the girls. When you go out for some time and often come back to home exhausted, you often get upset with your scary look that can ruin your stylish image. Going for a long tour or a short one with your friends or an office tour, you want to look stylish for the whole journey. Here are some of the things you can maintain when travelling from one place to another without compromising your beauty.

Take comfortable footwear

If you are going for an outing in a car, there’s no need to put your feet into high heels. I mean, we know how it costs to stay stylish for a long time in your heels, that’s not going to support you in the car that much. Being comfortable is also a part of your style image. Flat shoes are not at all less stylish for the journey and comfortable to walk as well. You can take an extra pair of shoes along with your purse that is easy to fold and works as a saviour when you are almost done showing up attitude with killer heels.

Wear a layer of clothes

This trick works best for the road trip when you know the weather can be changed or you have to stay for a long time in the car or on the road. Put your inner and then cotton or comfort fabric tops and wearing a jacket– a perfect fashion lady with relaxing dress. You can add or remove your jacket according to the temperature. Wearing leggings are more preferable than jeans or heavy pants. They allow you to move comfortably and add a complement to your stylish look. Try wearing clothes that cover you nicely to protect your skin from sunshine.


Make a messy bun or ponytail

Leaving your hair open is just a foolish decision when travelling a long road and it can damage a lot no matter how silk and shiny your hair is. Make a stylish bun that goes with your overall look or a ponytail. Going to a beach for an outing? Your open hair may make you feel gorgeous with the motion, but trust me, that will be irritating after a couple of hours.

You are not going any party

We can totally understand your love for makeup, but holding this makeup thought when going out traveling is far better. The lighter your makeup, the better you look at the journey for a long time. No matter how excellent makeup artist you are, after some time out in the sun, it’s going to give an artificial look that is not so stylish for sure. Some powder puff touches with your favorite lippy– that’s all to look perfect all the time.

Take a cool handbag

All done with you? Now take a stylish handbag that has enough space for your necessary things. A little larger size is a trend now, so feel free to take your big tummy bag. No matter what is the weather, do not forget to take your sunglasses that not only make you look perfect and complete for an outing, but also save your eye and side areas that are more likely to burn form sunshine.

Hope you are all set for a stylish tour. Feel free to enjoy without worrying about how you are looking. After all, a spontaneous smiling girl with a carefree attitude is more stylish than a self-conscious girl who is busy correcting makeup all the time. Tune up your favorite music and enjoy being stylish in your own way.