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How to Find Your Own Statement Style

One of the many joys of life, is navigating through the world, and finding your own sense of style and beauty. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager or in your 60s, anything, literally, anything can inspire or motivate you to find your own personal style.

The most beautiful thing about this entire process is that you need not be the most stylist or trendiest person. It is all about making you happy, wearing the dress you like, doing your makeup the way you like it. Let’s take a look at some simple ways to help you find our personal style:

-Take inspiration from your fashion icon

It maybe someone near you like your mother, or even someone as iconic in the fashion industry as Coco Chanel, it really doesn’t matter. Inspiration can come from a hundred thousand sources – the beach you once visited during your childhood, your favorite music band, certain DIY tutorials and so on and so forth. It all comes down to what you love and what drives you. Follow those trends, do some research and of course, don’t hold back!

-Don’t be afraid to experiment

The best thing about fashion, standing in the 21st century is that there are no longer any rules or set norms. Fashion can be as whacky as you want it to be. Similarly, you will never know what looks good on you, and what you like until and unless you give it a try. Go ahead and pair whatever you want with whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to stand out, don’t be afraid to be different.

-Go hunting

Well, not literally! Finding your own trend statement can be a little expensive, and that is why you need to find some affordable outlets. This means taking some time off of your busy schedule and checking out various clothing stores across the city. Have faith that you will stumble upon something wonderful. It is a truth universally acknowledged that every city will have one vintage or indie clothing store that sells amazing clothes at cheap prices. Take a friend with you have to, on these shop hunting trips because after all, everything is ten times more fun when a friend is involved.

-Be true to yourself

Your fashion should be a reflection of how you are, not who you think the world wants you to be. Play to your strengths, and let the clothes do the talking for you. For instance, if you have a bold personality, go for edgy clothes. Don’t be afraid to wear jeans, jackets and boots, if those are your things. Similarly, if you are on the chic and feminine side, don’t just put on tomboyish clothes, instead of your favorite dress, just because it is the “in” thing now. You should never compel yourself to wear something you do not want to, no matter what the world says.

-Get a little help

Everyone needs a little help with things in life, here and there. Same goes for fashion. Some people have a difficult time navigating the fashion scene, and it is absolutely okay to ask someone for help, be it a professional stylist or your best friend. It can involve something as simple as them giving you their opinions on a dress to taking them out shopping with you. But of course, in the end, it all comes down to your opinion and your instinct. If that one item of clothing makes you happy and feel beautiful, wear it, the world is damned!