Mascara Secrets from the Pros

Want beautiful eyes but have thin, wispy eyelashes? You can easily get lush lashes by applying mascara. Once you get the hang of it I guarantee that you won’t be able to live without it. Mascara can take your eyes from ordinary to extraordinary in next to no time. Are you ready to add to your beauty? Here are some quick and easy diy mascara secrets every lash diva should live by.

For some, putting mascara on is like painting. Lash divas always start with clean and dry lashes. Next you want to curl them with your trusty eyelash curler. After which you can being by applying a thin layer of mascara. For most women, one coat is not enough so let the first layer dry before gliding on a second. You can put as many layers as you like until you have the look you want.

According to mascara lovers who know, different looks can be achieved by using different kinds of brushes or applicators. Some make your lashes longer and thicker, while others can make your eyes really pop or stand out. But no matter what brush you use, you want one designed to prevent clumping.

Ahhhh, clumping. Here’s another problem that most mascara users run into sooner or later. Believe me no one wants their lashes to be all clumpy. So before applying it, de-clump the mascara wand by running on over a tissue. This will help cause the mascara to go on your lashes evenly.

All mascara has an expiration date no matter what you paid for it. You can usually expect a tube to be god for no more than three months. If you notice some funky smell or runny product, it’s time to get rid of it. Using an expired mascara is just not worth it the risk. Doing so could lead to an allergic reaction or worse, damage your eyes.

FYI, sharing and borrowing mascara is a fashion faux. This can lead to possible eye infections. If you really like the shade your friend is using, buy the same one she has.

Over the years, many shades of mascara have surfaced but black is still the most popular. Most effective too if you ask me. So if you’re looking for drama and mystery, black is all you need.

For all you beach lovers out there! You can now wear mascara to the beach. With waterproof mascara, you can swim, sweat and cry without ruining your beautiful eyes. But as great as it seems, it’s not for everyday use. Why? It can make your lashes dry out and weakens them.

Who would’ve thought that mascara can be removed using baby oil? Well, that’s what they used before eye makeup remover was invented. Plus it’s very easy to do. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and glide over your lashes. Don’t rub it. After that, you can wipe your eyelids clean with a clean tissue.

Okay so it’s all about dressing up the lashes that you’re born with to attain an amazing style. And at this point more dramatic eyes away. So go ahead and put these mascara tips to the test. See if you can’t become a mascara pro in no time. Just remember it’s all in the flick of your mascara wand.