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Something that God has been teaching me for a really long time now is patience. Unfortunately, I have to say “for a really long time now” because it’s taking me forever to learn. Patience does not come easy. Now another word that has been added on to that is timing. For years I have been striving to reach places in my career and life that I thought were the best for me and I was supposed to reach right away. However, as I was reading the story of Joseph in the best success book ever written (Bible), it dawned on me how long it took him to fulfill his purpose. Through a prophetic dream he knew his destiny from a young age; however, that only came to pass years and years later. He had to be enslaved, imprisoned and go through trials to grow and build his character to later be in charge of the most powerful nation at that time – Egypt.

While serving the Pharaoh of Egypt in his castle, Joseph was accused of something he did not do and was thrown into a prison. He must have been so discouraged. Maybe you are in a place in your life that feels like imprisonment as well, and it feels like life is just not fair; however, the way Joseph reacted to it, really inspires me. He prospered where he was planted. He didn’t let disappointment and bitterness take him over – instead he gained favor with prison guards, served and blessed everyone around him. I’m sure he had emotionally bad days as well, but that did not affect his good work at the prison. And once the right time came for him to be in front of Pharaoh again, and be promoted to the highest position available in Egypt, he was prepared. The timing was right – he had the necessary maturity and wisdom to fulfill his purpose.

I would like to encourage you to read Josephs story yourself (Genesis 37-50) and be encouraged to trust in God’s timing. You know He has a destiny for you, but we have to prepare for the influential places where He wants to put us. Do not rush through the time of imprisonment as this time is what really grooms and stretches you. Bask in God’s presence and enjoy life now, knowing that you are hand picked to fulfill your destiny and you are doing it already.