Why “Beach Bound Travels”

Why? And why now? Well, the answer is simple. And complicated.

Why a travel?

Basically, if you are a person that shares our love of sunshine, salt water, the beach, and tropical culture! Whether it’s the climate, the colours, the food, or the music, we’ve become enamored by the aspects that define the destinations we’ve visited. And it’s how we choose the destinations we want to visit next.

An average family can experience and share a love of the Caribbean. You can travel as a couple, and as a family with your two daughters. You may visit all-inclusive resorts, and call small boutique hotels home for a short time, too. If you are not ones to sit around and do nothing, then you have a fair share of excursions and guided tours, and even wanderings a little off the map…..


A trip to pre-Katrina New Orleans can ignite your curiosity to visit places and the list has spread into travel to Mexicothe Dominican Republic and Cuba (so far) and the list continues to grow…..especially the “bucket list”. Become captivated by the Spanish, French, and heavy Caribbean influences on the city’s food and music. Touring the restaurants, music clubs and neighborhoods of the Crescent City infected us with a need to get out there and see more of the world. New Orleans can be the perfect launching point to a part of the world that is accessible, affordable, and exciting to behold! Celebrate your 10th Anniversary and start looking for a couple’s vacation to celebrate this milestone. Sun Village, a Canadian-owned resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is another option.  If you are flying in from the USA or Canada you need to stop at Punta Cana airport and then head over to Puerto Plata. At the Punta Cana airport, like so many Caribbean airports, passengers have to disembark directly onto the tarmac. This was the first time you will really feel the tropical heat, and you will love it.

If you have a birthday to celebrate head to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. Become completely captivated by the area that you’re almost certain, in our opinion to book a return flight with even more friends and family. That first trip will start your love affair with tacos, tequila, tropical beaches and warm hospitality!

You should also start your own travel blog? First and foremost, you will feel the need to share some pretty fascinating stories. And all that travel is enough to create an interesting blog with the stories and photos you’ve collected over the last 7 or 8 years. Especially if you are getting older, what is the point of saving all that money if you are unable to travel and maintain an active lifestyle? Explore the world, document it and become an inspiration to all your kids and grandkids. Nothing sparks creative thinking and happiness like travelling does. It is an asset and for some the whole meaning of life. Be sure to visit East Asia which is another treasure trove for people on the move.